My lovely friends

Betty is my dearest friend, I love her so much.

I had been study in two different seonday school. it broaden my social circle.

In PLKYLSC, they are crazy, we always have gatherings.

They are my truest friends forever.

In JCCKC, my classmates are helpful and takecare of me a lot.

we play basketball together when we were young, In F.5 we change schools to JCCKC together.

I study in HKIEd from 2012, it is a chance for me to recognize diffenert types of people.

In HKIEd rugby team, expect training, we are gossip girls, will talk everythings, just like a family.

They are my best friends in Associate Degree Programme, very active to do anythings.

Ki ki is my best friend in Health Education Programme, her helps me a lot on homeworks and exams.

Ching ching is my rugby team teammates, she teach me skills and rules, make me more familiar this sport.

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